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Conservatism Must Conserve the Permanent Things

Conservatism is not averse to change, but if there is an overall benefit to society or humankind, a change is worth implementing. If the change attacks the "permanent things",  breaks down societal order or throws humanity into chaos, the change is to be resisted with discussion and ideas.

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Conservatism Nurtures Community

Man is a creature with a dual nature: an individual spirit that longs for a sense of connection to their fellow man. Conservatives celebrate that individual spirit but also seek to nurture a voluntary community built around shared principles, experiences, and a sense of something greater than the individual. The Radical seeks to destroy these communities at every chance they get. When the individual is isolated they are ripe to be exploited by the Radical's siren call of "community" which is nothing more than a despotic state of misery.

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