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– Starts at about 51 minutes in the Things I Like section

– What is wrong with knowing Good & Evil?
– It means that we have moral knowledge.
– The serpent was technically right – that we wouldn’t die after eating the fruit
– After the episode God’s first words were:

22 And the Lord God said, “Now that the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil, he must not be allowed to stretch out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” – NET Translation

– To accurately understand what is happening here, the terms Good and Evil must be defined
Good: God’s creation that serves its purpose – teleios – in the Aristotelian sense
Evil: Unfit for a purpose

– Problem comes when we try to contrast the two because there are things outside of our grasp that are meant to God’s purposes and understanding that we can never fathom
– Only God can define Good – the purposeful/teleios
– Humans craft our own moral system subjectively
– We contrast Good/Evil based on what affects us well/poorly outside of Good
– Pain/Unfairness is Evil in our eyes, not in God’s eyes
Childbirth – probably painful before the Fall, but after Eve sees “bad things” happening to her as a Moral problem – not reflecting God’s but her morals
Work – the goal of life is now an obstacle to pleasure | Pleasure = Good / Work = Evil
– Humans struggle because our own devised moral system strives to supplant, rather than match God’s moral system

By contrasting our own moral frameworks, subjective moral frameworks, rather than attempting to reflect a more objective moral framework, we actually exile ourselves from reality and rebel against this and we’re banned from the Garden of Eden by flaming swords of our own creation. There’s no way to get back in because there’s no way for human beings to perceive what God wants and so we instead supplant our own idea of what is Evil for God’s idea of what is Good or not Good.

– Our immediate communion with God is what dies with eating
– When body becomes obstacle to perception of God we become separated because the body is not being used to Work which is our Good and communion with Him
– We’re more animal now bound by pleasure/pain – what Thomas Hobbes and David Hume talk about – rather than trying to reach a higher level of reason and Good

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