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Listen to the interview with Dr. Voddie Baucham

– BLM and other current movements are based on Critical Theory and Christianity is a source of oppression

– Critical Theory is the idea that America/World divided into oppressors/oppressed

– They lay the idea of America’s first sin (slavery) at the feet of Christianity so they have to come for the Church

– This leads to a “Woke Shahada” of Christians saying the phrase “(B)lack (L)ives (M)atter”

– We’re moving in a direction that says Gospel, Christ, and Church is not the answer but part of the problem and Black Lives Matter’s openly Marxist rhetoric is the answer

– “Critical Justice Movement” is like a train with multiple cars

– Car behind the engine is the racial injustice car, and everyone wants to be there – don’t want racism

– Next is gender equality car, LGBTQ car, and a host of other cars

– Christians jump on board one of these cars thinking they’re doing some good – but ultimately being taken somewhere we don’t want to go because they’re naive

– Christians mean well and hate injustice but the insidious nature of the language/names of movements ie “Black Lives Matter” or “Planned Parenthood” draw a line between you can’t be against X thing so Christians end up supporting openly anti-Christian movements through deception

– Christians are being sucked in because they’re seeing injustices and shown a solution based in Critical Theory and now must convert to the new “religion” of Wokeism

“This is ‘new speak’ [1984]. They redefine words so that they don’t mean what they used to mean and then they employ those words in an effort to get their ideology in front of us in ways that seem very palatable and before we know it we’re carried along in something that is actually antithetical to the Gospel that we hold dear and antithetical to the goals we have that we think they’re going to try and help us achieve.”

– Books like 1984 and Animal Farm aren’t just fiction but are communicating the dangers of an ideology that has been around for a long time and we’re now seeing them play out in real life

– Illustrations of now Marxist ideologies corrupt and change societies

– John McWhorter has written extensively on the new Woke religion (a good summary here) – they have a new original sin, a new metanarrative that explains the world and how it works, new commandment in Anti-Racism, new birth that comes from “wokeness”, new liturgy, new priesthood, new eschatology, and now the profession of faith or “shahada”

“[Wokeism] is cultic in nature.”

– Whiteness is now defined as: a set of normative privileges that are granted to white skin individuals and groups and is invisible to those that are privileged by it.

– White privilege: Unearned advantaged that accrue to white people through Whiteness

– White supremacy: Any belief, behavior, or system that supports, promotes, or enhances White privilege

– White fragility: The inability and unwillingness of white people to talk about race due to the grip that Whiteness, White privilege, and White supremacy exert on them – unknowingly or knowingly.

– This “theology” surrounds you and there is no way out from it and if you object to it you’re “supporting racism”

– Critical Theory explains racism as only systemic and involves the 4 Ws as defined by the movement

– So White people and America – by virtue of and history of Whiteness – is racist and systemically so

– We’re lost in the old definition of “racism” as having animus toward another individual but the Woke crowd has redefined the word and we haven’t caught up

– Been arguing and creating ideas of how to combat these things for a long time — His Book: The Ever Loving Truth

Ibram X. Kendi – How to be an Anti-Racist:

“‘The opposite of racist isn’t ‘not Racist’ it is ‘Anti-Racist’. What’s the difference? One endorses either the idea of racial hierarchy as a ‘Racist’ or racial equality as an ‘Anti-Racist’. One either believes problems are rooted in groups of people as a ‘Racist’ or locates the roots of problems in power and policies as an ‘Anti-Racist’. One either allows racial inequities to persevere as a ‘Racist’ or confronts racial inequities as an ‘Anti-Racist’. There is no in-between safe space of ‘not Racist. The claim of ‘not Racist’ neutrality is a mask for racism.'”

– He’s not talking about an intrinsic or ontological quality between people

– This is a logical fallacy – the fallacy of the excluded middle – he creates and either/or when there is another option

– What about a Christian that locates these things (problems) in Sin or the Fall of Man whose only answer is the blood of Christ? Christians are lumped into the ‘racist’ category because they don’t root the problem in power/policies

– Inequities/disparities are always rooted in “racism” for the Anti-Racist – and there is no other explanation for it.

“What they’re saying is either you accept their Critical Theory definition of the world, either you operate by their world view – which excludes Biblical Christianity as an alternative – if you don’t accept this you are by definition upholding white privilege and upholding white supremacy.”

“Our hope is in Christ alone. You have to recognize that this movement, this ideology, is antithetical to the Biblical Gospel. Not the idea of Justice. Not the idea of Mercy. These are Biblical ideas. Justice and Mercy are Biblical ideas and we want to pursue these things. [Christians] have to pursue these things with the Gospel, through the lens of the Gospel, and we have to recognize when we are being duped and when we’re being used. And when people are giving us their language to use. And when they are pouring into their language, different definitions than ultimately when you go down their road you get to a place where with this group – a 99 is an F. You cannot do enough. You cannot give enough. But here’s the other problem – this is ‘works righteousness‘. This is legalism. Our hope is in Christ and not in us working hard enough to be an ‘Anti-Racist’. Our hope is in Christ. But here’s the other problem – these people are trusting in systems and governments. The same government that has let us down on these issues time and time again – that’s not the answer. Our hope is in Christ. These people are anti-Christian. This is the ‘mark of the beast’ for our day. So I’m telling people – flee from this stuff, expose this stuff, don’t be bullied by this stuff.”

– This ideology goes beyond just group problems, it’s about the hegemonic power, beyond the governmental system

– “Reform the Police” is an anti-authoritative movement and the “Defund the Police” movement looking to supplant power

– This just isn’t group vs individual – this is inherently revolutionary

– They want to replace the power with those self-proclaimed leaders and principles of the Anti-Racist movement

No claims are made to content. Original interview from the 7/13/20 Glenn Beck Radio Show

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