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Segment transcribed from The Mark Levin Show

Alright ladies and gentlemen, which is more important: Liberty or Equality?

Well, let me ask you this, what does Obama promote: Liberty or Equality?

Equality without liberty. Equality without liberty is tyranny. Equality without liberty destroys individual sovereignty. It destroys human nature. It destroys free will. Equality without liberty is conformity. It manifests itself in many ways including communism and so forth. Liberty recognizes and embraces individual uniqueness. Liberty makes possible the recognition and enforcement of unalienable rights. Liberty makes possible the equal application of justice. Not the equality, in terms of conformity of human beings, but the equal access and application of justice.

The Federal Government today doesn’t promote Liberty in any respect. The Obama administration doesn’t promote liberty in any respect. It claims to promote Equality; in essence, radical egalitarianism. Radical egalitarianism is the life blood of an authoritarian centralized iron fisted government. Liberty is the enemy of such a government. Radical egalitarianism is what’s pursued when you don’t have liberty. Once again, does Obama promote the notion of individual sovereignty and liberty in any of his speeches?

The bigger the government gets, the more powerful it gets, the more concentrated its power, centralized its power. It doesn’t have a problem with equality in terms of conformity. It insists on it. Its problem is with the individual and the individual’s nature. The individual must be forced to comply with Obamacare. The individual must be reshaped so that success is defined not as an individual pursuit or accomplishment, but success is defined as a gift from the government to the individual.

Liberty is the bane of tyranny. Liberty is the object of tyranny. Not the object in terms of promoting it, but in terms of destroying it. Liberty promotes equality in the sense that it recognizes human nature and it recognizes that individuals should be treated, justly under the law or in society generally. Equality without liberty is tyranny. Equality without liberty begets human misery.

Obamacare is not about freedom, it’s about conformity. The IRS isn’t about Freedom, it’s about conformity. Liberalism isn’t about freedom; it’s about reshaping man, so that man becomes the servant of big government. So that We the People cease being the sovereigns, but we’re the subjects. What do you think all of these Federal programs are all about? What do you think class warfare is all about? Redistribution of welfare all about? Congress passing these laws? The administrative state, the massive bureaucracy issuing regulation… it’s not intended to unleash liberty, to unleash the economy, so that you can pursue your interests and your wants and desires; it seeks to do the opposite. To control you. It rejects independent, self-sufficient individuals. It seeks to sabotage them. To obstruct them. To crush them.

Equality without liberty is tyranny. Equality without liberty is the pursuit of conformity, and conformity means inhumanity because we’re not machines, we’re human beings. Our DNA, every single one of us is different, it’s different.

The Founders had to seek liberty. Liberty, that’s why they fought a Revolutionary War against the King of England. You can’t promote justice, equality, and justice and so forth, unless you’re free. Unless you’re free from tyrants, from big government, foreign or domestic. The Federal government today seeks to smother the individual. The Federal government today seeks to reshape the individual. The Federal government today pursues conformity. That’s what Obamacare is all about. We’re all shuffled into one system. A handful of bureaucrats and politicians determining who lives and who dies, who’s healthy and who’s not. That’s not liberty, that’s the opposite. You cannot have justice, you cannot exercise your unalienable rights, without liberty, and that’s a fact. History demonstrates it. That was the position of the framers. We’re not rejecting equality; we’re rejecting what equality has become. We’re rejecting equality as the overriding force in our society.

Equality by itself is tyranny. It’s inhumane. It’s North Korea. Now these aren’t perfectly equal societies, obviously, look at North Korea. You’ve got the military, you’ve got the top bureaucrats, you’ve got that little, uh, freak of nature who runs the country there, the uh, inbred. So obviously, it’s not equal in that sense, but the vast majority of the population is equal, dirt poor, treated like rabid animals, enormous suffering and starvation, brutality, but they’re equal. They’re equal. They’re equal in Hell, and that’s the problem. That’s the problem. Liberty. Liberty would change North Korea. Equality would not but liberty would. Liberty would. In our own country, the slaves wanted equality, but first they needed their freedom. They needed their freedom before they would be equal under the law. That is before justice could be applied. They needed their freedom and that’s what it [Civil War] was about. Liberty, Liberty.

So in this sense, as I define these terms, that’s where I come down. And once again when we apply it to current events, and our current circumstances, what we need in this nation is more liberty, not less. What we need in this nation is less conformity, “equality”, not more. When the Left talks about equality, they’re not voting rights anymore, they’re not talking about, you know uh, things of that nature. What they’re talking about is, big government, iron fisted, tyranny. For those of us, those of you, who are independent, and successful, those of you who seek the American Dream and those of you who want to seek the American Dream, well you’re put down. The government tells you the limits of what you can pursue, the limits of what you can earn, and if exceed it, passes laws and regulations to, uh, confiscate it and bad mouths you every step of the way.

Liberty is the bane of an insatiable Federal government. It’s liberty that it rejects. Liberty. It’s important to remember this, and our whole Constitutional system is set up to preserve the individual. The checks and balances within the Federal government, federalism and state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment, the recognition of individual sovereignty, under the 9th Amendment, and the rest of the Bill of Rights for that matter, enumerated powers for the three branches of government, not plenary power, it’s set up not to promote conformity but diversity. To be tolerant of different views, to be tolerant of different a background, that’s why we have state sovereignty, and that’s why the ruling class in Washington hates the states, ignores the 10thAmendment, and seeks to impose its will on every corner of this country, and every state whenever it can, because they’re attacking you. They’re attacking your sovereignty, they’re attacking liberty. They don’t have a problem with equality, because for them equality is conformity. Conformity is control. Oh, I know we have these different notions of these terms, but that’s what it’s become. That’s what it’s become.

Mark, why do you get into these esoteric topics? No, it’s not an esoteric topic. You want to live free or don’t you? Do you believe in free market capitalism or don’t you? Do you believe in the Founding documents or don’t you?

When you listen to Obama speak, or Pelosi, Reid, or all the rest of them, they don’t talk about the individual and liberty. They talk about what they’re giving you. They talk about laws they’re passing where the Federal government is going to regulate this or regulate that. They talk about having access to X, Y, Z and so on and so forth. They never talk about we’re going to unleash this system, unleash that system. So the individual is free to do X, Y, Z. Now, some of you out there might say, “Well then why don’t you support same sex marriage?”, because that is an issue when we talk about freedom. It’s interesting the argument there is typically equality. Well, wait a minute, “If heterosexual couples can marry, shouldn’t we too? “. But it’s really neither. “Oh can’t I smoke pot too?” Remember what I said, the Constitution is set up to protect the individual, but it’s not set up so that there are no rules whatsoever when states want rules, or localities want rules. It is a diversified system of government. So if a community decides, based on its own values and morals, that A, B, C flies or doesn’t fly, how do you reverse that? You going to have the Federal government step in and fix it? No. The Federal government is the problem 99% of the time.

So we’re not talking about perfect liberty, if there is such a thing, we’re talking about a sphere of liberty that each of us has. In some cases, it’s impinged upon, in some cases it’s not but fundamentally we’re talking about liberty. Liberty.

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